We humans are complex social beings. We need to be assured, loved and understood. As we grow as an individual our thoughts, emotions and behaviours are often garnished with societal expectations and values. We often get entangled between our own thoughts and emotions when we figure out that they stand against the expectations of the society. At times we fail to express ourselves and gradually drown ourselves into a pool of suppression within us. The validation and comfort we constantly need from our loved ones to carry on in life appear bleak and untrustworthy.

Our conditioned thoughts remind us that ‘You are not allowed to give up’, ‘You have to fight it back’, ‘what will people say if you become weak, if you cry?’ These are the mental reminders that ooze out into our minds whenever we begin to feel ‘not ok’. We tend to become defensive about the feeling of ‘not doing fine’. We constantly push ourselves into a state of ‘denial’, almost disowning our own thoughts; judge them to be negative and unwanted. But why? Aren’t these thoughts and emotions our own? If we are allowed to feel OK, if we are allowed to feel happy then why can’t we feel NOT ok? Why can’t we feel sad and guilty?

We as social beings would always experience such situations in a lifetime. For some it might come early and for some the conflicts arise later. Sometimes when we fail to understand ourselves and also when it becomes difficult to seek support from someone known to us, we can consider a professional who is popularly known as a ‘Therapist’. He/she has the resources and training to help you rely on them without any hesitance. Your journey would be embraced with care and it would be heard keenly without any judgement. Isn’t it beautiful in a way, when a professional taken care of you and your mind? All you need is just trust the journey ahead. Think about it, if you had fever or a tooth ache which has been troubling you for a while now, how long would it take you to see a Doctor? Not much right? So, why compromise for your Mind? Your mental health is as important as your Physical Health. Why draw a line in between and create discrimination in our approach of seeking Health care? We can diagnose and provide intervention for any Psychological concern at an earlier stage and stop it from emerging into a Mental illness and this is a reality. Why wait, if we can avail therapy sessions time to time?

Therapy should be made a part of our lifestyles. It should be almost like brushing teeth or even going to a Gym. Exercising your mind is as important as your body. Every individual should learn deep concerns about their lives and learn ways of coping from their therapist. It isn’t a bad approach or a weak approach to learn techniques which would help one feel better. Do we question the exercises given by our Physiotherapist when we break a leg? We hardly do. In the same way we can let go of the various stigmas attached to Mental Health Care and learn the embrace the benefits Mental Health Professional has to provide.

We are no more in an ignorant space. Time to time with the increase of Suicide cases in our country, we tend to raise our voices of how Mental Health Matters. Then why do we hold ourselves back to reaching out a Psychologist? It is time to learn and unlearn older conditioned patterns of thinking. Let us not wait for things to happen to us or any family members. Take your first step today, towards the journey of Mental Health Well Being.

Ashwas, is ready to meet your needs. Take your first step as a Mental Health Enthusiast with us.

With hope and compassion


Nikita Hazarika

Founder, Ashwas Mental Health