Ashwas Mental Health organized an Open Mic Event on 12th Of January this year with an intention of creating an awareness about the same. The purpose behind it, is to provide a platform, where people from different walks of life could come together and share their ideas about Mental Health and how it should become a priority at the moment. The best thing about the event is that no one needs to be an expert in the subject of psychology to be a part of it. Any one can come up and share their stories of mental health. Ms Nikita Hazarika, Clinical Psychologist and the founder of this Mental health center with her team of young students cum interns initiated this effort.

It was refreshing as it tried to break the social taboo of mental health. Ashwas is trying to initiate a change in the society and make the problem of mental health an issue that should not be kept in the closet , and rather should be treated and dealt with as any physiological problem.The event was a big success. People from different spheres of life came forward to share their stories. From adolescents to 90 year olds, everyone stepped forward to share their journey of how they understood the importance of mental health and also talked about it's importance of being a priority in everyone's life. While some came with emotional stories of how they overcame many seemingly impossible obstacles in their lives and in the end emerged victorious, whilst recognizing how mental health created a difference, others came up with humourous stories of how they understood it's importance and decided on making it a priority. It proved to be a whiff of fresh air for many, as they could narrate their tales without any fear of judgement.

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